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Flavour and quality without limit

Deligusti has always been synonymous with high quality gastronomy.

A wide selection of carefully selected and guaranteed products.
The quality of this brand has captured the most demanding palates, thus establishing itself in the art of good food.
Besides mass distribution, Deligusti is also found in restaurants, wine bars, catering and bars.

Cannot do without. A must have.

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Enter Deligusti

Our fresh production


Constantly in search of going beyond good quality, Deligusti offers a wide range of new products that are specifically selected and guaranteed to provide top quality as well as new solutions that are more practical, appetising and intriguing.
Focus is on new trends that enhance well-being and sustainable lifestyles. 

Our production

After inaugurating the new premises in Melegnano, it was finally possible to take on the challenge to transfer experience and passion from marketing to production. The new packaging lab has been equipped with advanced systems and equipment, meticulously complying with every hygiene standard and attention to provide the best working conditions for staff. Therefore, constant commitment to ensure the quality of products that reach the consumer’s table.

Worldwide Delicatessen

Deligusti imports the best foreign food to offer their clients.
They are specialities produced by leading European companies that Deligusti distributes in Italy, in certain cases exclusively.
To further guarantee the quality of the product, Deligusti also commissions, imports and distributes selected high-quality products under its own brand.
It is for this reason that the slogan of Deligusti has always been “Worldwide Delicatessen”.
However, since also internationally it is impossible to disregard Italian culinary heritage, Deligusti draws on Italian tradition to offer the best regional culinary preparations and fresh processed vegetables.
Worldwide Delicatessen, without forgetting that the whole world follows Italy and its cooking.

Where to find us


The fresh line is Deligusti’s flagship with a wide range of products prepared in our advanced laboratories.


You can also enjoy Deligusti products in the best restaurants. The format changes but the quality remains the same.

Large-scale retail channels

When you do the shopping, choose high-quality products; look for Deligusti in your retail outlet.


With Deligusti products, it is much easier to prepare tasty meals, confident that you will bring unique, high-quality flavours to the table.

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Deligusti Spa

Deligusti Spa
Via F.lli Cervi, 5
20077 Melegnano (MI)

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Tel +39 02 98 033 911
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